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About Us

Quality Styles

In the fabric industry you'll find all kinds of quality of fabric.  Here at My Shepherds Thread I strive to guarantee quality fabric with all my aprons.  My aprons will be unique in character.    I strive not use the typical kitchen store apron fabric, quality and design in my products. If  you are looking for unique patterns in fabric look no further than My Shepherds Thread.   Can't find something you want?   Please contact me to design your own handmade apron with your own choice of fabric and design. 

Functional Aprons with a Purpose

My goal is to put the "fun" in functional aprons.  I know that looking stylish can make your cooking, baking and even cleaning experience fun.  That's why I'm  committed to bring you  high quality aprons.  My Aprons are easy to wear.  With  a draw type strap that can be tied behind or in the front., making adjusting your apron to fit your height easy.  I carry two types of aprons.  One is a straight bottom and will come with a large pocket with 3 pocket sections (or you can request more or less), The other apron I'm proud to say is my mom's pattern.  This apron comes with slanted bottom sides and a smaller pocket, but also a good size to carry items.  I can also custom make an apron for you.  

A fun tidbit about my aprons...they all come with a name.   No two aprons will have the same name, making each one very personable and unique.

About Me

Hi and welcome to My Shepherds Thread.  I live in Ashburn, VA with my husband Larry , my daughter Dawn , kitty Lillian and Roxy my Granddoggie.  My son Bryan lives in Redmond Washington and I have 3 grandchildren.   All of them have 4 feet and tail,  1 dog & 2 kitties.  I created My Shepherds Thread after retiring from being a preschool teacher for 27 years.  My mom  was  a seamstress.    And could sew just about anything. She has passed and I hope I can continue to live her legacy by sewing.   My kitty Lillian is named after my mom and is a huge helper in the sewing room.  You'll see some great pictures of both "Lillians" in my photo gallery. 


My Shepherds Thread was a gifted idea from God.   I strive to live the life that God has intended for me.  I'm truly grateful that He has given me this business and for that I give back 10% to a Christian Charity of my choice. Thank you for choosing my business for your apron choices.  Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll try my best to answer them.  

God Bless,

Carolyn Gazdick